Vehicle Drop Off and Check In

Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you in the process of filling out any paperwork and answering any of the questions you may have about your vehicle or the repair process.

Our technicians will begin repairs by disassembling any damaged components so that our estimators and production team can inspect for hidden damage. During this phase we will be obtaining insurance authorization and make any necessary updates to the estimate.

In some cases, parts may have been preordered for your vehicle but in most cases there will be additional parts needed after hidden damages have been discovered. The wait time for parts can vary from different makes, models, and manufactures.

Body and structural repairs will be performed by a specialized technician to assure that we return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. During this phase, sublet work may be performed such as glass, mechanical, or suspension work by our specialized vendors.

After all components have been painted, the vehicle will enter the reassembly phase where all parts will be properly refitted and tested for quality and function.

The vehicle will be vacuumed and washed thoroughly by our detailers and then our production team will perform a final detailed QualityControl check to make sure all phases of the repair process were smooth and accurate.