We Work with all Insurance Companies

You have the right to select the collision repair shop of your choice. No insurance company, appraiser or adjuster can legally force you to a specific repair shop. We are a Direct Repair facility for Farmer's Insurance. You don't have to get damage estimates or meet with an adjuster. Simply Contact us and we will work directly with your insurance company. Your claim is sent from your insurer electronically to us, we write an estimate and with your approval, begin repairs.


What if my insurance company’s estimate is lower than my shop’s estimate?

It is impossible to write a complete, accurate estimate prior to disassembly on a damaged vehicle. Don’t be alarmed by a low estimate. as we dissassemble, we will contact your insurance company with changes.

Do I have to use aftermarket, reconditioned or used parts?

No. However, you may have agreed to this in your contract with your insurance company, and YOU may be responsible for the additional cost. Aftermarket or reconditioned parts may void your manufacturer’s warranty, compromise your safety, and further diminish the value of your vehicle.

Do I have to get more than one estimate?

No. If an insurance company asks you to get more than one, explain to them that you would prefer to only work with us.

Do I have to pay a deductible?

The amount of deductible that you will be responsible for is determined by your insurance policy.