Manufacturer training and knowledge are imperative with the technology that is utilized in todays cars and trucks. Only a shop that is trained to fix your car the way the manufacturer designed the vehicle to be built can return your car to factory specifications. The construction methods and materials used have changed dramatically. Audi, BMW, Tesla, Jaguar and a few others have integrated metals such as ultra-high strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber in their cars. These new materials and construction designs require precise and specific tools and repair procedures. Repairing an aluminum body after a collision requires the use of a clean room free of any contaminants.


Manufacturer certification programs

The certifications cover stringent programs such as BMW, Tesla, Audi and Mercedes-Benz where equipment and onsite training are required.
In some cases, the manufacturer certification is done by specific model.

Specialized Tools

Specialized tools are often required to become certified auto body repair facility as well as being necessary to fix your car. Therefore, the shop and their employees must pass certain criteria. Some of the tools can cost upwards of $250,000.

Factory Training and Certification

Factory training often requires on-site visits from the Manufacturer or a third party. Manufacturer certification usually requires annual re-certification.